Ways to Save

As a community-owned market, we aim to be accessible to people of all income levels. Below are four great ways to save money at the store. Everyone is welcome to shop at the Co-op; you don't need to be a Member-Owner to enjoy
our sweet selection of local, organic, and natural products. 



Look for the green signs! 

Every two weeks, we have a new Co+op Deals flyer at the front of the store, outlining the great sales we have available to everyone. You can also just look for the green signs around the store

Today's Sales

SaLES Sep 18 - Oct 1



Look for the purple signs! 

Co+op Basics is our everyday low cost program, available to everyone, that offers ongoing value prices on many popular grocery and household items. From milk to beef to cereal, you’ll find low prices on many of your favorite products. 




Every two months you'll see a new coupon book at the front of the store with lots of great savings and recipes.  Everyone is welcome to use these and share them with your friends.

Today's Coupons


FFR+card (003).jpg

Do you use SNAP/EBT? 

If so, you qualify for a program called Farm Fresh Rewards that helps more members of our community eat well and support local farmers.



Look for the yellow signs!

One of the benefits of being a Member-Owner is access to exclusive monthly sales on a variety of items throughout the store. Take a walk around and you’ll see that the aisles are always peppered with special sales just for you.

MO Appreciation Week_Website.jpg

A quarterly THANK YOU

Every 3 months we celebrate Member-Owner Appreciation Week where Member-Owners get 10% off one entire transaction at the store. This is a great time to stock up on freezer food and/or those pricier supplements you’ve been meaning to get. Check our events calendar to find out when the next one will be!