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While Member-Ownership is not required to shop here, joining the Co-op gives you a unique opportunity to support and collaborate with your local community.


Why become a Member-Owner? 

By joining the Portland Food Co-op, you are helping to ensure the success of our locally-owned grocery store that provides you and the entire community with access to high-quality local, natural, and organic food and household products. The store can’t succeed without your support!


  • support our cooperatively owned business that is dedicated to our community and to the local economy;

  • join with thousands of your community members in owning a business that makes a difference:

  • vote for the Board of Directors

  • access exclusive sales throughout the store;

  • access quarterly Member-Owner Appreciation Weeks (10% off one transaction of your choice during the week);

  • receive a discount for most bulk orders;

  • receive discounts on most classes and events;

  • receive a patronage dividend when the Co-op earns surplus income.


Only one person may be listed as the owner of a share and only that person has voting privileges. Shopping benefits may be shared with household members. Organizations may purchase a share as long as they are a co-op or nonprofit. They, too, must include an individual representative who has sole voting power for that organization.   

have more Questions? 

Check out our FAQ by clicking here.

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Please be sure to read our Member-Owner Policy before signing up.

You become a Member-Owner by purchasing a common equity share, which is a one-time investment in the Co-op. We prioritize making Member-Ownership available to all. We therefore offer 3 payment options to fit your needs:

  • One payment of $100, or

  • Four quarterly installments of $25, or

  • One payment of $10 if you are on any kind of public assistance.

There is no annual fee. 

Each Member-Owner gets one vote in decisions brought before Member-Owners. 

If you’d rather join by paper, you may also download and print this form. Then, bring it to the store and pay at the register or mail it along with your payment to :

Portland Food Co-op
290 Congress St
Portland, ME  04101

You will receive an email when your enrollment is complete, generally within a week of receiving your application.  

Once you have made your selection below, go to the shopping cart to complete your transaction.

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