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We are located in the heart of Portland, ME.
All are welcome at the Co-op! We would love for you to become a Member-Owner, but it is not required.
We want everyone to come visit, shop, and experience what we are about.


(207) 805-1599


290 Congress Street
Portland, Maine 04101


Everyday 8am - 8pm



Email Alex at for general or customer service questions.
Email John at to contact our General Manager.
Email Rebecca at for advertising, donations, demos, or community events, 
Email Emily at for questions about produce.  
Email Spero at for questions about grab-&-go deli and pastries,
Email Kevin at for questions about meat, dairy, and other refrigerated items (except cheese. see below). 
Email Justine B. at for questions about beer, wine, and cheese. 
Email Chris at for questions about bulk items,
Email Sada at for questions about supplements, body care and gift items,
Email Justine H. at for questions about bread.
Email Megan Banner at for questions about all center store grocery items,
Email our Board of Directors at for any questions for or about the board.