Win a $50 Gift Card

As a cooperatively owned market, we want our store to reflect the needs and wants of our community. We put together this quick survey to get your feedback – can you take 10-15 minutes and fill it out today?

If you want, you can leave your name and email address in the survey and be entered to win one of three $50 gift cards to the Co-op.

The strength of our Co-op is in our community and our staff want to make sure that we are working toward meeting your needs. Will you fill out this 10-15 minute survey to help us better serve you?

If there are parts of the Co-op that you really love, and want to make sure we keep doing, or if there are things you think we should change – please let us know!

Click here to take our 10-15 minute survey and enter to win a $50 gift card to the Co-op.

Please feel free to forward this on to anyone else you think might have feedback about the Co-op.