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Current Member-Owner Count: 4,007

While Member-Ownership is not required to shop at our Co-op, we depend on community members like you becoming a Member-Owner in order to help ensure the success of our store.

Why become a Member-Owner? 

  • to help our cooperatively owned business thrive;
  • access quarterly Member-Owner Appreciation Weeks (10% off one transaction of your choice during the week);
  • access special sales throughout the store;
  • vote for at the annual meeting for the Board of Directors and bylaw changes;
  • receive discounts on most classes;
  • receive a discount for most bulk orders;
  • receive a patronage dividend when the Co-op earns surplus income;
  • support a business that is dedicated to our community and to the local economy;
  • take part in activities that give you a voice in the Co-op;
  • meet people in the local food community at this vibrant gathering place.

A Member-Owner share is a one-time investment in the Co-op and costs $100. We also have a payment plan and a low-income option. There is no annual fee. If you wish to pay in installments or with the low-income option, you can download this form or join in our store. If you have questions, click here for the FAQs.

For general Member-Owner policy, click HERE

When you join online, it will take 5 to 7 days for your Member-Ownership to become active.  You will receive initial emails confirming your submission and payment.  Within 5-7 days you will receive a welcome email with your Member-Owner number.

Join now using the form below.  After clicking “join now,” you’ll be redirected to payment options.

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