Board of Directors Elections FAQ

Running for the Board? Follow these Steps:

  1. Attend Board info session
  2. Attend Board Meeting
  3. Submit Application
  4. Submit Photo
  5. Attend Candidate Interview
  6. Attend Annual Meeting

Please see the Elections page for more detailed information on each of these steps.
Look here for a comprehensive description of the Board Candidate process

How many Board members are there?
Currently 11, with a minimum of 6 required by our By-laws

How long is a Board term?
3 years, with no limit to the amount of consecutive terms

Who chooses the Board?
Board members are elected by member-owners in good standing.

When are the Board meetings held?
The Board meets from 7-9 pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month. We generally do not meet in December.

How much time does it take to be a Board member?
Preparing for and attending monthly Board meetings, plus outreach and other Board duties typically takes 7 -8 hours per month. There is also a full day Board retreat once a year.

What is the Board’s responsibility?
The Board is responsible for the co-op’s fiscal health and community connection; it hires and supervises the General Manager and sets the vision and policies for the Co-op. The Board is elected by the member-owners and is responsible to them.

What is the Board’s leadership style?
The Board uses Policy Governance to help guide the decision making process and define the relationship between the board and the GM.

What is Policy Governance?
Policy governance is based on policies the Board has created which define the role and limitations of the General Manager. See our Policy Register here. These policies are intended to help the GM steer the co-op according to its mission and vision. The board determines policies reflecting the organization’s values (results expected of the GM)  and means (boundaries within which the GM must achieve these ends). The board then evaluates the GM’s performance on the success of fulfilling those policies. Every meeting, the board re-visits one policy to see if the GM is complying with the policy and if the policy still adequately the reflects the needs of the co-op as it develops.

What does a Board Meeting packet and agenda entail?
Board packets are sent approximately 5 days prior to the Board meeting and requires a few hours to review and prepare for the monthly Board meeting. A sample Board packet and agenda are linked. All Board documents are generally shared via Google Docs and Board members typically bring a tablet or laptop to meetings to refer to notes and agendas. There are no paper handouts offered at Board meetings.