We Support the Earned Paid Sick Time Ordinance

The Portland Food Co-op is proud to announce that our Board of Directors has voted to endorse our Mayor’s proposed Earned Paid Sick Time Ordinance.  This effort has been led by the Southern Maine Workers’ Center and the Maine Women’s Lobby.

An estimated 19,000 people in Portland don’t have access to paid sick days. These people are disproportionately women, people of color, and immigrants. National statistics would indicate that half of Portland’s 5,500 retail workers, and 90% of Portland’s 7,300 hotel and restaurant workers cannot take one paid day off from work when they’re sick.  The ordinance, in it’s current form, would require all Portland employers to offer one hour of paid sick time for every thirty hours of work up to a maximum of 48 hours per year.

The Portland Food Co-op currently offers sick time and vacation time to all of its employees. We call this Paid-Time-Off  (PTO) and don’t ask our employees to make a distinction between sick and vacation time. We believe that both are necessary for employee health and quality of life.  New employees at the Co-op (for their first and second years) earn one hour of PTO for every 17.33 hours worked.  This equates to three weeks of PTO (120 hours) for full time employees.  After two years, this increases to one hour of PTO for every 13 hours of work, which equates to four weeks of PTO (160 hours) for full time employees.


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